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With Windows Phone there is a world-class developer ecosystem, top notch mobile tools and great educational materials. Windows Phone apps can tap into the power of multi-tasking, access thousands of APIs, use Silverlight features, and take advantage of hardware features such as hardware acceleration. With the release of Nokia Windows Phone, the number of people who will be able to access your applications is also increasing fast. There has never been a better time to dive into Windows Phone development.

Getting Started with Windows 8

Download the free tools for Phone SDK and Windows Store Apps
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Build, test and submit apps and games. Get the tools and support you need to make sure your great idea is available to millions.

For more resources to make building on Windows easy, visit App Builder

Game Frameworks

Quickly create a game or an app with minimum amounts of coding. Simply choose a platform and start turning your idea into real big apps—fast.
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Inside Windows Phone – Practical MVVM for Windows Phone

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Lightening Reviews (Windows Phone Apps)

The Lowdermilks provide design tips for improving your Windows Phone apps by reviewing existing applications.

The Resources for iOS Developers

Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers

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