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Get the latest web development information and resources to extend your ability to create leading edge websites, web applications, and other web solutions using the Microsoft Web Platform. Discover the latest on HTML5 technologies as well as insights on ASP.NET, WebMatrix, PHP on Windows, Silverlight, and more.

Web Development Technologies


ASP.NET is a free web framework for building websites and applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as Web Pages, Web Forms, and MVC.

PHP On Windows

PHP runs on Windows and IIS. PHP for Windows uses the latest VC compiler, optimized API calls, and more.


HTML5, CSS3, and related web technologies can be used to take your website development to the next level.


Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating interactive user experiences for the Web and mobile applications.

Web Development Tools/Products


WebMatrix can help you develop a website or open source application quickly and easily, whether from scratch or using Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, or a variety of other open source products.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer can lead to a more beautiful web experience. Tapping into the power of this browser can take your websites to the next level.

Visual Studio

The Visual Studio set of tools can help you to create a simple web page or the most complex distributed cloud application.

SQL Server

Websites that can tap into data have a better chance of providing a richer user experience. This is true whether the data is within an Express version of SQL Server, a full SQL Server database, or simply stored on the web.